11 Interesting Types of Twitter Users


After years of avoiding it I finally signed up for Twitter. I did this mostly because I wanted to promote my blog. I knew that I had to find some readers somewhere and this seemed like a logical place to start. My first two weeks taught me a lot. Twitter has a lot of value but also its share of junk.

I have not used the strategy of following people to see if they would follow me back. I decided to try to sit back and see who finds me. Eventually, this may change, but for now, I’m just seeing how this goes.

The first day I posted a few things and found that I already had 10 followers. Who were these people? How did they find me? I was very interested to see who they were and of course I followed them back. Some were more friendly than others, but it was a great start.

Here are some of the types of “people” I’ve found:


I’m just here because everyone else is

These people seem to have no apparent reason to use Twitter. They just like it. They post photos of themselves and links to their Facebook page. They follow a lot of people hoping to get people to follow them back. They appear to just be there for fun.


I’m here to sell something and that’s it

Some people appear to be ready to sell something right away. Check out their bio, it’s right there. “How I made X dollars in X amount of time.” “My first X dollar day” “Double your business today” Many of these look like the multi level marketing businesses that were so attractive when I was in college. They have big promises, are always closing and will move on fast when you aren’t interested. I encountered this. A very nice person who had the perfect business for me. I would be crazy to not do it. I needed to get started now. Just watch one video and sign up. Of course, I had questions. Questions?!? I was told that maybe I wasn’t right for this if I had too many doubts. I never do anything I don’t understand, but oh well.

I’ve got something free for you

I would follow people who followed me and immediately receive a direct message with a “great free offer”. Of course these are all a plan to sell me something later. I would respond back that I’ll check it out. Some of the people would thank me for the reply but others would never say a word. I get the original automated direct message, but if a person responds, I think there is some value in continuing the conversation.

I follow you, you follow me, I unfollow you

This was one of the most confusing strategies I encountered. I’m sure it works or people would not do it. I understand unfollowing the person who does not follow you back, but this I don’t get. I had one person follow me who had some great content. I shared it and retweeted it and then noticed they unfollowed me. I sent them a message and they followed me again. Back I went to supporting their business. Once again, I was unfollowed. I had become a fan of this person but decided it was best to give up.

I am a real person, kind of

These profiles looked suspiciously alike. A girl with a normal picture and one first name. They posted the same content from one website. It was great content by the way. I didn’t think anything about the first one, but I started to notice how similar these people seemed. They don’t interact with you at any point, just post content. I identified three that looked the same and sure enough, a few days ago, all of them unfollowed me at the same time.


I am a sexy girl

These profiles have a picture of a very attractive girl but don’t seem to post much content. I can’t tell what they are trying to get. Sometimes there is just some celebrity gossip and more sexy photos. That wasn’t my reason for joining Twitter so I usually don’t follow them back, but I guess some people are into that. There could be something bad or illegal going on here, but I don’t intend  to find out.


Many of these companies are just selling, selling, selling. Some of them are actually providing you with something. It’s easy to tell if there is someone behind it. Some just look like pure ads and spam, whereas others really do provide value. Both startegies must work,  but I personally like the give before you take approach.


I post all day

These people have mastered the automation process. They have a new post every couple of minutes. At first I thought there was a lot of good stuff, but then the next day it was all the same. They seem to have a 200 or so post library that just plays over and over. I do miss almost everything they post, but I don’t worry, because there is always tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that, etc…


We all know who they are. No need to talk about them. They survive on attention.

I’m a real person, here to help, but nothing to sell

These people will interact with you on a real human basis. They like posts. They retweet. They are a part of the community. They may have websites or not. They have some good quality things to post, but there is nothing spam looking. They genuinely appear to just want to meet and help people. They will hopefully grow their personal brand in the future, but right now, they just enjoy the conversation.

I’m a real person, here to provide value and then sell

These people will also have real interactions. Many just sit back and wait for followers. They have so much content available the followers will find them. Some will follow you back which is really cool for their fans. They will interact when they can, but not always. Some will even seek out more followers. After you follow them they will provide you value. They may send you a direct message and sometimes it will be something you actually want. For example, I received a direct message from Brando Gaille of http://brandongaille.com/. His direct message offered to take a look at my blog and give me some feedback. I was happy to take him up on the offer. After seeing how much value he could provide, I ended up joining his course. This approach of providing value and building trust on the front end really pays off. Of course there are still sales involved, but you actually get a chance to like the person first.

I’m sure that I will encounter many more different types of people on Twitter. There is so much that I don’t know at this point. Each person is going to use Twitter for a reason and I respect all of the different approaches, even if I don’t agree with them.

What kind of people have you encountered on Twitter? What did you like? What didn’t you like? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please share it if you enjoyed it.

I’m a business owner from California now living my dream in Brazil. I’m passionate about using business to help others. If you’d like to connect, send me an e-mail at craigrohlfing@gmail.com. I answer all e-mails and it would be a pleasure to hear from you. Many thanks, Craig.