You Are Your Job Security

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A very good friend of mine recently told me he has always been a corporate guy. I kind of didn’t know what to think. This is one of the smartest, most innovative, outside the box thinking individuals I know. What is a corporate guy? Had my friend put himself in this box? Probably not, but I do think he found himself there.

This is not to say that working for a large company is bad but we must always think of ourselves as independent workers. Companies are required to look out for themselves first. Even the best boss in the world still understands that the only way to keep everyone employed is to make sure that she does what is right for the company first.

You define your future

This leaves the rest of us to define our own futures. The days of working for the same company your whole life are over. You will change jobs. You will have moments when the career path you had planned will shift. All of this can be a little scary but it’s actually just an opportunity.

A man loses his job, he immediately thinks he must move, must sell his car and cancel his memberships. Why is this? Part of this is just going into that automatic security mode, but the other is out of fear that he won’t find what he had.

Whatever amount of money you made before, you can make again, with very few exceptions. The time you spent, the lessons you learned and the experiences you gained will follow you out the door. Your experiences taught you so much and you must carry those to your next challenge. Even from one industry to the next, there is always something to bring along that will make you better.

Your unique competitive advantage

You have to understand the value that you and only you have to the marketplace. Each of us has specific skills. Your unique competitive advantage is something that only you have. Understanding what you can do is the first step to seeing your unique value. Think about your past work experiences. Ask your close friends. Just always remember to reevaluate why you are great, because you are.

Losing a job can be especially hard for a man. It’s important for us guys to be able to provide. We draw an unnecessary amount of our self worth from our ability to make money. This may not be right, but it is the way things are.

Whatever your next opportunity is, you must be intentional about it. Don’t run away from insecurity, run to something that makes you excited. This is more than just a pay check. This is the kind of work that you can sit back and be proud of. Finding this work requires reflection. It requires some trial and error.

Sometimes your own definition of a meaningful job will change over your life. Different times in your life will change you opinion of your work, and this is OK. Go with it. Sometimes it’s just time to go. Even if you own the company, there are times when you just need to move on.

There are so many resources out there to help you go out on your own. From the mindset changes of career guru Dan Miller at , to the incredible innovative ideas of Pat Flynn at , the tools are there. The freedom you have today to pursue whatever you want to do is greater than ever in the entire history of mankind!

Be the job security you seek

The uncertainty of today’s world makes the concept of job security, of working for someone else, very appealing. But in fact it’s a promise they just can’t keep. You only have as much security as your ability to find more work. With the right work ethic, dedication and integrity, you make yourself an asset. It’s not easy, you must be constantly adapting and learning, but it’s worth it.

Back to my friend. He is going to succeed. Hes just too amazing not to. But I hope that he has an opportunity to see that his success is all up to him. No J-O-B is ever going to define him. When he wins, it will be on his terms, whether that is working for corporate or not.

What opportunity have you taken recently? Did it scare you? Did it work out? Let me know in the comments. If you liked this, please share it. Thank you so much for reading and thank you to you all and especially my friend for being an inspiration to me. Much love to you all!

I’m a business owner from California now living my dream in Brazil. I’m passionate about using business to help others. If you’d like to connect, send me an e-mail at I answer all e-mails and it would be a pleasure to hear from you. Many thanks, Craig.